Privacy Policy

At Prestige Gifts, we are committed to protecting your data privacy and safety. The following Privacy Policy statement provides information about the data we collect from you, how we collect it, how we transfer it and how we take great care in protecting your data.  

Customer’s privacy 

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us, which is why we have laid out our privacy policy here. If you still have any queries, let us know by emailing your grievances to us at   

What information do we collect? 

We collect your personal information for better delivery of products and marketing of our services. We collect the personal information of customers, potential customers as well as suppliers. This includes people’s names, email addresses, billing addresses, payment details and phone numbers. 


For online visitors, we collect information about your IP address, operating system, browser type, time spent on the website, behaviour pattern and response to promotions.  


We use ‘cookies’ to collect your data and re-market products you like. While some browsers automatically accept cookies, you can either accept or decline the use of cookies. For the best and most personalised experience, we encourage you to accept cookies.  

Email newsletter 

When you purchase products or sign up for our newsletter, you start receiving our email feeds. To stop receiving emails, click on ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the emails.  

Securing your personal information 

All your personal information is safely stored on our secure servers, and we do not transfer the information with any third party unless the information is required for the fulfilment of an order or handling a query or grievance. All our partners take equal measures to secure your data.  

Who do we share your information with? 

We share your information with our employees that require access for order fulfilment and query handling. We also share your information with delivery carriers, payment processors and other people that are a part of the order fulfilment process.  

How to get your personal information deleted 

If you want your personal information to be deleted from our system, you will have to reach out to us personally with the request at Deleting personal information would not limit us from providing our services to you.  

Changes to the Privacy Policy 

The Privacy Policy is subject to change without any prior notice. We always mention the date the policy was last updated and we encourage you to read the privacy policy from time to time to avoid any issues.  

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